What does Akwaba mean?

Akwaba (which means Welcome) offers you a culinary journey combining African and Greek sweets with a touch of modernity and originality in a pleasant, warm and friendly setting.

We offer three types of cuisine: African, Greek and the fusion of the two

Is it possible to eat on site?

No, we no longer serve any meals on site, we only do take-out meals.

Do you have to go to the restaurant to order takeout?

For our hot dishes We accept online orders only via our website.
We also have a cold ''ready to eat'' meal service in a refrigerated display that you can order on site at the restaurant counter.

Are your '' ready-to-eat'' meals the same as those on your take-out menu?

No, they are different dishes.

Is it possible to order your ''ready to eat'' meals online?

No, they are only available at the restaurant counter in a refrigerated display.

Do you have parking?

It is easy to find parking around the restaurant, and in addition there is no parking meter in our area.